lucy-movie-images-4-is-scarlett-johansson-s-lucy-just-going-to-do-this-the-entire-movie August 19

Bessons Women who Kick Ass – The very brilliant Lucy (Film Review)

There is a poignant moment in Lucy, when having a brain that has ‘evolved’ way beyond the minds of those around her, Lucy (Scarlett Johanson) turns to Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked) the macho cop in the film, after he says to her “You don’t need me.” She kisses him in an agressive way and […]

begin August 18

Begin Again – John Carney with more lost indie music souls. (Film Review)

It’s an exciting experience when a film that looks predictable, that you expect to follow a certain set of rules, suddenly breaks out of its own self-imposed jail with a surprise that warms the heart so well, the rest of the film is made good. I am talking about one particular scene in Begin Again, […]

lisachappell August 11

Bad Day Insurance – Lisa Chappell and our hopes for a better future. (Theatre Review)

Bad Day Insurance The Old 505 Theatre August 6 – 24. You can grab your tickets here. What is the ultimate Bad Day Insurance? That is, what can you control, that can be relied upon to repair the damage caused by a bad day? Is that what insurance is? A stop-gap between you and trouble? […]

notaboutheroes August 10

Not About heroes – Carla Moore and the cry for a real civilization. (Theatre Review)

Anthem for Doomed Youth What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle Can patter out their hasty orisons. No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells; Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs, The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells; […]

14669232179_fbe331d4c3_z August 09

Joan, Again – Paul Gilchrist and the weight of our personal narrative. (Theatre Review)

Joan, Again Subtlenuance in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company Old Fitzroy Theatre August 5- 23 You can grab tickets here.  The nature of the story and the narrative is at the heart of Paul Gilchrist’s excitingly experimental work Joan Again, a piece of theatre that takes the very bold and contemporary decision to pin […]

unnamed August 08

The Metropolitan Orchestra – Met Concert #3 (Music Review)

It was an enormous joy for me to attend The Metropolitan Orchestra’s performance in June 2013 at the Balmain Town Hall, so when I was invited to attend their third concert in 2014, I was thrilled to give my yes and toddle along to the Eugene Goossens Hall on Saturday the 2nd of August. Like […]

unnamed (1) August 05

Mr Kolpert – Pantsguys, Rope and the Albee in us all. (Theatre Review)

Mr Kolpert Pantsguys Productions ATYP from 30 July to 16 August. You can grab your tickets here. Photography: Kate Williams Surely the thrill in the underlying current of misbehavior (tween smoking at its least, calculated murder at its best) lies in the aftermath. Rules and their consequences are made for three reasons: to prevent bad […]

Television-Man August 04

Essential Awesomeness

I’m writing for the new(ish) Melbourne E-Zine and amazing pod casting outfit The Essential as of today, when my inaugural post, a review of Naomi Punk’s Television Man went up. The Essential is: Presenting an Australian perspective on contemporary and classic cinema and music from Australia and around the world, The Essentialis a collective of […]

Four Places, Tap Theatre. August 04

Four Places – The Agony and Ecstasy of Family. (Theatre Review)

Four Places  Outhouse Theatre Tap Gallery from July 29 to August 10. You can grab tickets here.  Photographer – Richard Farland Photopgraphy Once upon a time, the children rising up in a mutinous power play against aged, mentally fragile parents was seen as an illicit act of deceit, a grab for the parental asset stash […]

unnamed (4) August 01

Three Sisters – Anton Chekhov made “now” by SUDS. (Theatre review)

Three Sisters 30 July to 9 August Sydney University Dramatic Society. You can grab tickets here.  It is a very interesting thing to see a strong, large cast of exquisitely beautiful young people performing Anton Chekhov’s great existential tragedy, but even more interesting when they’re located in 2014 Sydney as a backdrop against a bitterly […]


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