J41 September 19

Jennifer Forever – Two Peas at the Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Jennifer Forever A Two Peas Production at the Sydney Fringe You can grab your tickets here If feminists thought they could heave a sigh of relief at the demise of credibility in religious based misogyny, they’ve been appalled (or perhaps indifferent) to find much of the fantasy rich conservative-male-dominant hysteria inherent in religious misogyny has […]

unnamed (4) September 19

Procne and Tereus – Montague Basement at the Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Procne and Tereus Montague Basement at the Sydney Fringe festival to Saturday 20 September You can buy your tickets here  How do you tell this story? is the central question at the heart of Montague Basement’s production of Procne and Tereus as written and directed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari after the Greek myth of Procne, Tereus […]

140625-karen-o-crush-songs-solo-album September 16

Articles at The Essential

Pop over to the uber cool Melbourne based eZine The Essential, to check out what they’ve got going on. I’ve got two recently published articles there: Overlooked Hotel A regular feature at The Essential is a passionate ode to films that have never received the recognition they deserved. I wrote the piece this month, and […]

CDBO04.pdf September 16

To Stowaway – Depth meets simplicity in a timeless place. (Music review)

To Stowaway Visit the To Stowaway website here, and download the album. When a great deal of music passes by your desk, as it does mine, one learns to listen to the body, not always trusting the rational faculties to make the certain kinds of judgement calls one is forced to make when more music […]

0002664551_10 September 15

Rooms Full Of Gardens – Rob Eldridge and the dreamy coalescence of alternates. (Music Review)

Rooms Full Of Gardens Rob Eldridge Buy your copy here.  (Download, CD, and Vinyl) So Rob Eldridge, the voice in front of Steelesque, takes a break from the Stones infected throbbing of the band and floats out on his own cloud of introspection in an album deceptively melodically svelte, all the while harboring a lyrical intimacy […]

genesian1 September 15

Spiders Web – Genesian Theatre and cheery misunderstandings. (Theatre Review)

Spider Web The Genesian Theatre 30 August to 11 October – You can grab your tickets here. When Agatha Christie wrote Spiders Web, is was to satisfy the artistic desires of Margaret Lockwood who wanted to appear in a West End play in a role specifically written for her. Over lunch, the famous actress stretched […]

unnamed September 09

The God of Hell – Rodney Fisher brings American heartland into our laps. (Theatre Review)

The God of Hell The Old Fitzroy Theatre Photograph credits Gareth Davies Mophead Productions in association with SITCO. 26 August through to 13 September. You ca buy your tickets here.  In the program for The God of Hell, (Pluto, plutonium – get it?) Director/Designer Rodney Fisher draws the attention of the audience to the plight […]

what_we_do_in_the_shadows_ver2_xlg September 09

What we do in the Shadows – Clement and Waititi feast on New Zealand blood. (Film Review)

Jemaine Clement is surely the master of the understated comic gesture, rarely needing a good line because the delivery, and  a simple sideways glance of those eyes, is often all it takes to inspire wide grins from any audience. Couple this with his reliably hilarious lines, and he’s one of the most consistently funny people […]

a4205873893_10 September 09

Dream Encounters at the Lunatic Birdhouse – The otherwolrdly desire of Cozm X Transmissions. (Music Review)

Dream Encounters At The Lunatic Birdhouse Available for free download at Fag Ash Records. Or listen to it on the Fag Ash records Bandcamp page here.  Visit the Cozm X Transmissions website here.  According to Jung, “no dream symbol can be separated from the individual who dreams it and there is no definite or straightforward […]

2467_SlapdashSongNight_SF14_web_EFUL_WEB September 08

Slapdash Song Night – Keira Daley at the Sydney Fringe (Cabaret Review)

Keira Daley’s Slapdash Song Night Each Sunday night of the Sydney fringe at The Record Crate Grab tickets here.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there’s something special about Keira Daley – enormous talent meets enormous personality meets enormous brain – her show’s Lady Nerd and Keira Daley v’s the 90’s were […]


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