transcendence-new-intelligence April 25

Transcendence – Antiquated technology meets Antiquated theology. (film review)

The Hollywood black List is old enough (nine years – this is not to be confused with the McCarthy era blacklist) that it is gaining traction in the mainstream these days, and if you pop over here, you can even submit a script to it. For the three of you who don’t know, it all […]

2-212519-Main-340x255-5 April 24

Construction of the Human Heart – Ross Mueller and the passion for theatre. (Theatre Review)

Construction of the Human Heart Apocalypse Theatre Company Tap Gallery Theatre April 16 – May 3. Grab tickets here.  Photos by Matthew Duchesne Who is theatre for and what is theatre for? These are the central questions at the heart of Ross Mueller’s beautiful Australian play, Construction of the Human Heart. Written around ten years […]

13936457173_e9e8e8d566_b April 23

Love, Lies and Hitler – Elizabeth Avery Scott places the modern moral dilemma centre stage. (Theatre review)

Love, Lies and Hitler Cada Studio Productions Old Fitzroy Theatre from 15 April to 3 May Tickets available here.  Photos by Katy Green Loughrey If you board the wrong train it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction. Dietriich Bonhoeffer So states one of several quotes by Bonhoeffer in the program […]

Gigli Concert_dress rehearsal_Eternity Theatre April 18

The Gigli Concert – The power and problem of words. (Theatre review)

The Gigli Concert Darlinghurst Theatre Company 9 April – 4 May Eternity Playhouse – Tickets here. Photos by Wendy McDougall If waiting to act is the purpose in life for Vladimir and Estragon who observe the world as outsiders waiting for the perfect moment to delve right in, then the act itself is the temporal […]

Postcard-Front1-640x290 April 18

Dancing naked in the Backyard – Brave New Word and the politics of living. (Theatre Review)

Dancing Naked In The Backyard April 15 – 26 Tap Gallery (purchase tickets here) It is always a strange thing to see Australian white people fighting over Aboriginal land as if they owned it, as if they had rights to it, as if trading their own invented currency that they decided has value, can ever […]

Postcard-Front1-640x290 April 15

Lisa Chat’s with Chris Naylor, writer of Dancing Naked in the Backyard. (Theatre Interview)

Dancing Naked in the Backyard Interview with C.J Naylor April 15 – 26 Tap Gallery You can buy tickets here.   I managed to catch Chris at The World Bar a week or so ago, and we sat down to a glass of red wine each and a chat about Dancing Naked In The Backyard, […]

DSC_0817 April 14

Cough – Emily Calder and the question of who frightens who? (Theatre Review)

Cough Unhappen Theatre Company April 10 – 20 You can purchase tickets here.  Read my interview with Emily Calder here. If the world of childhood is a strange journey of misunderstandings, skewed observations, unexplained feelings, irrational beliefs and intense happiness buttressed against dark fears, then it is nothing compared to parenting. Childhood is perpetually defined […]

313314-107667-34 April 14

V.D. – Pete Malicki and the monologue that just keeps getting better. (Theatre Review)

V.D. The Monologue Project May 7,9 and 10. You can buy tickets here.  He takes my hand, walks me to the car, even opening the car door for me. The date passes in a blur of nerves and I quick;y get the impression that Dan Hunsford has no intention of killing, raping, scamming or religiously […]

download (2) April 09

Black Swan – Darren Aronofsky and philosophy porn or how jouissance gives and takes life. (Film review)

  An unadulterated philo-fest, for the lay film philosopher, there is no doubt that Black Swan is one of the best things to hit the cinema in years. So many philosophical points of view are immaculately represented, culminating in the directors enormous courage in the bent-leg scene, a shocking moment similar to the break in […]

948390_thumbnail_280_Cough_by_Emily_Calder.v1 April 08

Lisa chats with Emily Calder, Writer of “Cough” (Theatre article)

Cough – written by Emily Calder Performed by Unhappen Theatre Company. 10 April – 20 April 107 Projects (107 Redfern Street, Redfern) “I say please because it makes people give me things.” Emily and I met in a small cafe in the middle of Newtown. It was a lovely meeting, feeling more like two friends […]


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