sarhconnorterminator October 26

30 Years ago today – The Terminator (Film review)

Los Angeles: 2029 AD The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Their war to exterminate mankind had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present. tonight… The story goes, that off the back of Piranha 2:the Spawning, James Cameron managed to land the chance […]

redline October 22

Howie The Rookie – Toby Schmitz makes a silk purse from a sow’s ear. (Theatre Review)

Howie The Rookie Red Line Productions and Strange Duck Productions Old Fitzroy Theatre 30 September to 25 October. You can buy your tickets here. In his book Theatre, David Mamet, unsurprisingly argues the case against the engaged theatre director, claiming that the biggest contribution they could possibly make is to get out of the way […]

HIM_WEB-1024x682 October 20

Him – Coleman Grehan’s Barney-esque Butoh at PACT. (Theatre Review)

Him PACT Centre for Emerging Artists Sydney Fringe Festival During the recent Sydney Fringe Festival, I was able to catch a remarkable show titled “Him” at the PACT theatre. Him is a forty minute (or so) Butoh inspired theatre dance piece devised and performed by Coleman Grehan. Grehan is a talented young musician and theatre […]

Portrait Of Author Susan Sontag October 20

Regarding Susan Sontag – Nancy Kates decyphers an icon. (Film Review Antenna Film Festival)

“Like a hyperactive Queen, I cruise culture daily. Have a thrill, a flash of ecstasy several times a week. My appetite is compulsive. Promiscuous.” Susan Sontag. Any story of Susan Sontag can’t help being the story of unfulfilled potential because that was the passionate belief of Sontag herself, that the race hadn’t been run and […]

Case-Against-8 October 14

The Case Against 8 – The long road of advocacy. (Film review)

The legal system is impossibly convoluted, dry and surprisingly procedural over pacey and intelligent. It is the remarkable opposite of its pop cultural representation, where lawyers are presented as savvy think-on-your-feeters who outsmart the most brilliant opponents in court room battles that are won and lost on jurors biases, and judges moods. The true story […]

DSC_8870 October 13

Kill the PM – Fregmonto Stokes and the layers of leftist conspiracies. (Theatre Review)

Kill The PM Old 505 Theatre October 8 to 26 – You can grab your tickets here. Photographs by Lucy Parakhina Is leftist political passion a poison that rots the brain, a mind-barrel filled with un-absolvable guilt or a conspiracy to destabilise in order to plough fertile soil for an alien conspiracy? If the hard […]

Harvest 1 October 13

Harvest – Louise Fischer and the problems of progress. (Theatre Review)

Harvest New Theatre 7 October to 8 November – You can grab your tickets here. Roughly ten years ago, Harvest writer Richard Bean outed himself as a ‘Monsterist’, now defined as a playwright committed to large-scale works, with enormous casts, covering enormous themes and taking a (relatively) enormous amount of time. It’s a bold move […]

The-Little-Death-1024x629 October 13

The Little Death – Josh Lawson and the quirky Aussie film. (Film review)

I said to some friends a couple of weeks ago, after I had seen The Little Death, “Oh, you might really like this film. It’s cute, quirky and really quite funny.” A good friend turned to me and said “What Australian film isn’t cute quirky and really quite funny?” and I repeat this mini episode […]

Zoe Trilsbach, Troy Harrison_2 (c) Kurt Sneddon October 06

The Motherfucker With The Hat – Moral relativism on the New York streets. (Theatre Review)

The Motherfucker With The Hat Workhorse Theatre Company Darlinghurst theatre 19 September to 19 October You can buy your tickets here. Photos by Kurt Sneddon Moral relativism is one of the oldest conversations between humans since we learnt how to talk to each other. Too often it is used by the emotionally pampered as an […]

Gone-Girl-2014-film-poster October 06

Gone Girl – David Fincher twists his way into our hearts. (Film Review)

  This review doesn’t actually contain spoilers! (amazing) David Fincher is no stranger to bringing a beloved pop/pulp novel to the screen while it is only just sliding off the top of the best seller lists, so there is a disarming confidence at play before we even get to the film, that it will be […]


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