frShR-hs_400x400 November 21

The Mule – Toilet humour with an art house touch. (Film Review)

The challenge in contemporary toilet humour (which we can’t consider abandoning as giggling about our bowel movements and the unique ability they have to offend each of our five senses is a universal form of humour) is freshness; essential when you consider we’ve been laughing at our own toilet habits before we could talk, and […]

unnamed November 19

The Worst Kept Secrets – Thomas De Angelis and privilege. (Theatre review)

The Worst Kept Secrets Bontom Productions Currently showing at the Seymour Centre, 18 Nov through to 22. You can grab your tickets here. Think privileged ex State Premier involved in a mid-life crises with a heavily satirised dose of William’s Cat On a Hot Tin Roof plastered over the top and you have the bones of […]

dark-horse_630-thumb-630xauto-48748 November 18

The Dark Horse – Chess as the game of life. (Film Review)

A  bi-polar chess master, tossed out of his brother’s house because of insurmountable differences, taking shelter under a memorial on Kaiti Hill, an obelisk that resembles a giant chess piece, is one of the many images that imbue the strikingly original film The Dark Horse with intelligence that acts as a panacea to the rather saccharine […]

MgwrQ8fuAhrwUaL8fEEa-IBq1saAYf-3f-qpW422qxhSHS4pJAckDkVvoUwBPzv3VEfJfw=s2048 November 17

Jade Emperess discovers Australia – Theatre I was late to review. (Theatre Review)

Jade Empress Discovers Australia The Sydney Fringe. No longer playing. Find out more here. There are many joys to be had at the Sydney Fringe, all the more if you’re willing to open up your heart and your mind to the principles of The Fringe Festival, which is largely that local creativity in the arts […]

Trojans lo-res 1 - Image by Katy Green Loughrey November 17

Trojans – Team MESS and the allergy to content. (Theatre Review)

Trojans Team MESS. 14-15 and 20-22 November PACT centre for emerging artists. You can grab your tickets here Photo credits – Katy Green Loughrey. Theatre takes time. It takes time to write a script, to choose a script, to audition and choose performers, to schedule production, to learn lines etc. For an art form that […]

the-way-things-work-2014-rock-surfers-marketing-photo-by-zac-kaczmarek November 14

The Way Things Work – Aidan Fennessy and the corruption of the Real. (Theatre Review)

The Way Things Work Rock Surfers Theatre Company 5 – 29 November. Grab your tickets here. “Without getting too snooty about it,” says Aiden Fennessy in the writers notes to the current production of The Way Things Work, “corruption seems to be a very male way of approaching the task of ‘getting things done.’ And […]

5439e53f1433f3fb2d1d28b1_Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.59.44 AM November 13

1790: A tale Not Often Told – Robert Thomson reminds us that we are our history. (Theatre Review)

1790:A Tale Not Often Told Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre 13-15 November. You can grab tickets here. I remember once hearing David Malouf speaking about the Australian’s resistance to assimilating American culture. We were gathered (virtually at his feet but not quite) at a bookshop in Sydney and he was talking about American’s that were […]

interview-with-the-vampire-banner-poster November 11

20 Years Ago Today – Interview with the Vampire. (Film Review)

  Richard Pattinson was worried at one point there that his stint as Edward Cullen might hurt his career, yet he only needed to be reminded that Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Antonio Banderas had all survived the “hot young vampire” curse and gone on to have very long term successful careers – not to […]

37779_01_new_trailer_for_christoper_nolan_s_interstellar_will_blow_you_away November 10

Interstellar – It’s better than you think. (Film review)

Like Lucy earlier on this year, pseudo-science keyboard warriors have come out in droves to trash Christopher Nolan’s ambitious, long sci-fi flick Interstellar, and also like Lucy, it doesn’t matter how many times Kip Thorne (upon whose work Interstellar is based, and who acted as both scientific consultant and executive producer to the film) or […]

download November 09

Awkward Conversations with Animals I’ve Fucked – Rob Hayes, loneliness and ‘pets’. (Theatre Review)

Awkward Conversations With Animals I’ve Fucked. The Old 505 Theatre Unhappen  - You can buy your tickets here.  One of the most surprising and brilliant confrontations in Rob Hayes’ Awkward Conversations with Animals I’ve Fucked, is that the title isn’t a metaphor or allegory, and that isn’t a problem. I’m not sure if this constitutes […]


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